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Zelenskyy pushes for talks with Putin but rejects surrender

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            The Russian attack on the Ukrainian capital resumed with devastating intensity on Tuesday, striking the houses of Kyiv citizens, with fatal results. After being bombarded by Russian forces, a retail complex in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv lay in smoking ashes. On Monday, the war for Ukraine’s important port of Mariupol raged on as Ukraine refused Russia’s offer to remove its forces from the beleaguered city and Russian bombing continued. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, some 400 civilians were seeking refuge inside an art school in the Azov Sea port city when it was hit by a Russian bomb. According to the UN, about 3.38 million people have fled Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion, the strategic port city has experienced some of the fiercest combat. Russian and Ukrainian troops are fighting for control of the city, where at least 2,300 people have perished, some of whom are buried in mass graves.

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