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Zelensky urges for worldwide protests ahead of the NATO meeting

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          Ukraine’s President Zelensky made an emotional call on Thursday for people all around the world to come to the streets to demonstrate their support for Ukraine.

He delivered his most recent nightly video message earlier this week, and it was in English for the first time.

Russia’s conflict, he added, was not just about Ukraine, but about the freedom of people everywhere, and the world needed to put a halt to Russia’s indiscriminate use of force.

“Come from your offices, homes, schools, and colleges, in the name of peace, with Ukrainian symbols, to support Ukraine, freedom, and life”, the president stated.

Zelensky’s speech came only hours before a NATO meeting in Brussels, when Western nations are anticipated to agree to send reinforcements to Central and Eastern Europe to shore up the alliance’s defences.

On the one-month anniversary of the Russian invasion, US President Joe Biden will attend the gathering.

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