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YouTube, Meta Cut Out Content Supporting The Brazil Riots

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YouTube - Meta

YouTube - Meta

Meta and YouTube reported that they would remove any content from their media that backed or promoted the post-election demonstrations in Brazil by Bolsonaro’s followers. 

On Monday, Meta, previously known as Facebook, and Google’s video media, YouTube, are on high alert about the condition in Brazil, presently destroyed by devastation and riots by followers of former President Jair Bolsonaro. The protestors created mayhem in the presidential house by smashing windows and destroying effects. Tens of thousands of protestors filled the Supreme Court and pillaged government offices during the almost three-hour invasion.

Meta recognized Brazil as a high-risk location due to the nature of the elections. Thus, it has banned any content that might affect people to use weapons or invade federal facilities.

“We are also designating this as a violating event, which means we will remove content that supports or praises these actions,” a Meta spokesperson said. 

“We are following the situation actively and will continue removing content that violates our policies,” he added. On January 1, leftist president Lula da Silva took control of the office after dominating Jair Bolsonaro in a runoff election in October. Lula’s third power as the president of Brazil ended Brazil’s most right-wing government in decades.

Regardless, Bolsonaro did not accept his thrashing and left for Florida, United States, as a sign of protest over Lula’s inauguration. Yet, followers of Bolsonaro used social media like Telegram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter, to organize demonstrations against Lula. 

YouTube’s officials have also said they are nearly monitoring the condition in Brazil. “Our Trust and Safety team is removing content that violates our Community Guidelines, including live streams and videos inciting violence,” the spokesperson said.

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