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Xi Jinping Strengthens his Hold on Power as the Chinese Communist Party Raises his Position

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Chinese Communist Party

Chinese Communist Party

With the announcement of significant political decisions on the last day of an important political gathering, #China’s president, #XiJinping, has increased his authority as a figurehead and enhanced his standing within the history of the Communist party (CCP).

The “Two Establishes” and “Two Safeguards” amendments, which place Xi at the centre of the party and establish his political philosophy as its guiding doctrine, were accepted by the CCP congress on Saturday.

The premier, Li Keqiang, and numerous other important party leaders would be leaving politics, according to a list of reappointed delegates. Analysts claimed that their omission was a clear indication that Xi’s loyalists would control the politburo standing committee (PSC), which would be presented on Sunday, and that his power would be further reinforced.

Around noon, as party leaders announced the approval of the reforms, which all but guaranteed that Xi, 69, would hold onto power for another term, Xi began his final speech. This weekend, he is set to be re-elected as the party’s general secretary, opening the door for him to win an unprecedented third term as China’s leader. Hurry up and work hard; dare to fight and dare to win. Delegates are gathering to approve leadership changes and constitutional amendments that were probably decided on long before the convention even started.

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