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World News Latest Updates: Myanmar’s military is involved in widespread abuses, according to the UN Human Rights Chief.

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Myanmar’s military has participated in extensive human rights breaches and atrocities, according to the United Nations. According to a UN official, several of them might be considered war crimes or crimes against humanity. Michelle Bachelet presents the UN Human Rights Council’s 49th session report. “Despite the turbulence and bloodshed, the people’s will has definitely not been shattered,” she argues. It claims that its results “reflect only a portion of the breaches and atrocities endured by Myanmar’s people” since the coup. Since the coup, security forces and its associates have murdered at least 1,600 individuals and arrested over 12,500 others. At least 440,000 people have been displaced, and 14 million people require immediate humanitarian aid, which has been mainly obstructed by the military in both new and pre-existing regions of need. According to the study, there are substantial reasons to suspect that the military, the Tatmadaw, used violence and abuse against civilians as part of a broad and systematic onslaught — patterns of behavior that might amount to crimes against humanity.

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