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World news latest update: The US is forming a global coalition that extends beyond the G7 and NATO allies, according to the White House.

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Some of the world’s most powerful nations, such as China, India, Brazil, and Mexico, are not participating in America’s economic war on Russia. The White House claims that this does not detract from the Biden administration’s anti-Moscow activities. “As we’ve seen, the President’s leadership on the world stage, as well as the economic implications that have been implemented, have brought Russia and the Russian economy to the verge of collapse,” Jen Psaki said. Is this anything that undermines the White House’s and European nations’ efforts? “There are a variety of instruments at our disposal and cooperation with our European colleagues should we need to employ them,” said Jen Psaki of the US State Department. According to her, Russia and China account for only 15-20% of the global economy. She goes on to say that supplying military supplies to Russia will have ramifications for China. “There isn’t a country on the face of the earth that could entirely remove Moscow from this.” At the State Department’s Foggy Bottom headquarters, spokesman Ned Price said the US was closely monitoring the extent to which China or any other country in the world contributes materials, economic, financial, rhetorical, or otherwise, to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war of choice against Ukraine and its people.

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