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World Live News Updates: The massive new SLS Moon rocket from Nasa makes its debut.

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For the first time, Nasa is launching its new big Moon rocket. The Space Launch System (SLS) was meant to be more powerful than the 1960s and 1970s Apollo Saturn spacecraft. It is coupled to the Mobile Launcher, a support gantry that is 120 metres tall and weighs 5,000 tonnes. The rocket will be fueled with propellants and sent through a rehearsal countdown up to 9.4 seconds before launch. The end of May is still a possibility, but June or July seems more likely. The rocket’s Orion crew capsule will be launched on a 26-day voyage that will involve an increased orbit around the Moon. Nasa will be able to establish a flying date if all goes according to plan and the engineers are satisfied. His massive rocket is known as the Starship.

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