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World Latest News Updates: Iodine demand is increasing across the EU as a result of nuclear fears.

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At lunchtime on Wednesday, emergency sirens wailed across France’s towns, cities, and villages. And that was perfectly natural. Because, as noted by Le Parisien, French emergency services rehearse their sirens once a month in case the public needs to be notified of an airborne threat, but also a natural, technical, or civic disaster. In 2019, for example, sirens were used extensively to inform the public when the Lubrizol chemical facility in Rouen caught fire, releasing dangerous chemicals into the sky. Things have become heated in France as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Many European nations are reporting a significant increase in the number of persons requesting iodine pills from pharmacies. The army controls the manufacturing of iodine pills in France, and the supply and sale of them are closely regulated by the government. Anyone living within 20 kilometres (13 miles) of a nuclear power plant in France can ask their local pharmacy for iodine pills. U.S.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is a federal agency that regulates nuclear power The best defense against radiation is evacuation; potassium iodide should only be used as a last resort.

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