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World Latest News Updates: In its quest for global recognition, the Taliban welcomes the presence of the United Nations in Afghanistan.

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The resolution, which avoids using the term “Taliban,” does not grant international legitimacy to the new administration. The United Nations has yet to recognize the extreme Islamist group’s administration as an independent country. UNAMA’s mandate has included humanitarian assistance, human rights advocacy, and political and regional collaboration since its inception in Afghanistan in 2002. The UN will be able to continue working in Afghanistan, which is still reeling from decades of conflict and whose economy was wrecked when the international world shut off help when the Taliban gained power last year.

“With this new mandate, the Council sends a clear message: UNAMA plays a critical role in promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan, as well as supporting the Afghan people as they face unprecedented challenges and uncertainty,” said Norwegian UN ambassador Mona Juul, whose country drafted the resolution. The mission’s primary goal will be to assist Afghans as they confront “extraordinary hardships and uncertainties.” According to humanitarian groups, more than half of Afghanistan’s 38 million people are risking starvation as the winter drags on. Since 1979, the nation has been practically continuously at war, with the exception of the Taliban’s first rule, which lasted from 1996 to 2001.

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