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World Latest News Updates : IIT Madras students pave the way for the Hyperloop Pod, a future means of transportation.

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Hyperloop is a proposed form of transportation in which many pods move within a vacuum tube at high speeds due to reduced air drag and no air friction. It is, according to Neel Balar, the world’s sixth and most efficient mode of transportation. He goes on to say that because Hyperloop is environmentally friendly, it runs on electricity, which could be utilized to push the pod. Neel Balar, the team’s leader, describes it as the world’s fifth and most efficient form of transportation. IIT Madras will take part in the European Hyperloop Week, which will take place in Valencia, Spain, from July 19th to July 25th.

Garv is their second Pod, according to Pranit, who is the Head of Braking Module. It is more efficient and lighter than the one they built for SpaceX. The motor generates a magnetic field that propels the Pod forward.

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