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World Latest News Updates: As Russian bombardment continues, Biden goes to Europe for a NATO conference on Ukraine.

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On Wednesday, US Vice President Joe Biden will fly to Europe for an emergency NATO conference on Ukraine, where invading Russian soldiers are stopped, cities being bombarded, and the beleaguered port of Mariupol is engulfed in flames. Russia has failed to seize a single major Ukrainian city, and it has been isolated from the global economy as a result of Western sanctions.

Militants have resorted to siege tactics and city bombing, wreaking havoc and killing a large number of civilians. Mariupol, a southern port encircled by Russian soldiers, is engulfed in flames. Mariupol, a southern port fully besieged by Russian forces, has been the worst hit, with hundreds of thousands of people hiding there since the beginning of the war, under regular bombing and with food, water, and heat supplies cut off.

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