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World Cancer Day 2022

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            Every year on February 4, the world commemorates World Cancer Day. It is a global campaign led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

Cancer is the world’s second largest cause of death. Do you understand what cancer is? Cancer is defined as the uncontrolled proliferation of a group of cells within the body.

It can occur at any age and, if not recognised and treated promptly, can raise the risk of mortality.

Every year, World Cancer Day strives to save millions of lives through increasing cancer awareness and education, as well as pressuring governments and individuals around the world to take action against the illness.

According to recent estimates, cancer kills one out of every six people globally, which is higher than HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria combined. As a result, World Cancer Day is marked yearly on February 4 as a worldwide event to promote awareness of cancer and urge its prevention.

Theme for World Cancer Day 2022

‘Close the Care Gap’ is the theme of World Cancer Day 2022. The initiative’s principal goal is to drive reform and inspire action even after World Cancer Day has passed.

We can achieve what we all want when we choose to work together: a healthier, brighter world free of cancer.

History of World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day was established in 2000 during the inaugural World Summit Against Cancer, which was held in Paris. The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) established the Day to promote the aims of the World Cancer Declaration, which was issued in 2008.

The major purpose of World Cancer Day is to drastically reduce cancer-related sickness and mortality.

World Cancer Day can be observed in the following ways

Hundreds of activities and events are held each year around the world, bringing together communities, organisations, and individuals in schools, businesses, hospitals, marketplaces, parks, community halls, and places of worship – in the streets and online – as a powerful reminder that we all have a role to play in reducing the global impact of cancer.

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