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Women’s Day: According to a poll, 80 percent of female investors have investing goals for 2022.

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Eighty percent of the women polled stated they have established investing goals for 2022. Long-term investments are most popular, with 25% preferring to buy a home, 23% preferring to secure their children’s future, and 23% preferring to save for retirement (15 per cent). According to the report, around half of the women surveyed save between 25% and 50% of their monthly income. Electronics, fashion, and leisure are the most popular online buying categories for women in Tier 1 cities. Tier 2 markets spend more on edtech courses and upskilling than Tier 1 markets. A staggering 55% of female respondents stated they have a strong grasp of personal finances. Savings, investing, retirement plans, budgeting, and insurance are among the areas that respondents stated they wished to learn more about.

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