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Women Work harder Than Men – Study

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The United Nations estimates that half of the world’s population are women and girls and, as a result, half of its potential. However, gender inequality remains a persistent problem in all countries. According to an anthropological study of the gender division of labor in various countries by The Conversation, women now put in more effort than men. According to the results of a report published in the journal Current Biological Sciences, men under twins and fathers put in less effort than women.

“Dispersing at marriage generates a disadvantage in bargaining over workload,” the study said.  In describing the terminology, it was noted that “dispersal” refers to the phenomenon of women leaving their country. Research cites it as “patriotic” for men to stay with their families while women travel.

By analyzing agricultural and herder groups in China’s rural Tibetan borderlands, the study aims to effectively determine the factors that determine who works hard in a household and why. Based on the survey, men took an average of 9,000 steps daily, while women took 12,000. Men also worked harder than women.

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