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Women Wearing Saree Attacked By US Man

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Women In Saree Attacked

Women In Saree Attacked

A #California man was charged for crimes against #Indian women after he  attacked over a dozen women around California. According to the County District Attorney’s Office, the accused targeted at least 14 older Hindu women of Indian descent during a two-month crime spree that began in June.

The Officials claim that the guy specifically targeted Indian women who were wearing traditional clothing and jewellery. According to reports, he pulled their wrists and attempted to take their jewellery. The Prosecutors confirmed that the robberies were mostly reported in communities around the South Bay, Nearly all of the victims were reportedly wearing a saree or ethnic wear. The Police in Santa Clara along with US Marshals arrested the suspect, identified as Lathan Johnson of East Palo Alto. District Attorney Jeff Rosen said, “I say to our South Asian community that anyone who targets and attacks you will be arrested and treated with the utmost severity under our law.”

The attacks were  recorded as “anti-South Asian” and was re-categorized as “anti-Hindu hate crimes” by the District Attorney, Speaking to a television station, DA Rosen said, “Terrorizing people is more worse than a property thief. It rips off their jewellery, pulls them down the street, breaks their writs, beats up their husband.”

The acts were denounced by the Hindu American Foundation and one of its members stated, We are seeing an increase in hate crimes and online Hindu-phobia. It sends a powerful message to see that we’re moving forward with aggressive prosecution.

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