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Woman, Friend Arrested for killing Husband in Mumbai

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According to #police, a #woman and a friend have been detained for the murder of the former’s husband. According to the police, she was putting thallium and arsenic in her husband’s food. Due to slow poisoning, he was hospitalised on September 3 and passed away 17 days later. Kamalkant was admitted to Bombay Hospital on September 3, 2022, for treatment. He remained there until his death on September 19, 2022.

The same medical team tested Kamalkant’s blood for heavy metals while he was receiving therapy, and the results of that test confirmed their growing uncertainty. The amount of thallium and arsenic discovered in the body was exceptional for a person. Medical professionals notified the Azad Maidan Police Station, which then recorded a case and turned the matter over to the Santacruz Police Station for additional investigation.

Kamalkant’s food and drink were deftly laced with arsenic and thallium for a very long time. These metals are naturally found in blood inside the body, but when levels are higher than normal, they have a poisonous effect, as they did with Kamalkant. Because of the gradual poison he was investing. Due to the slow poison he was getting in his food and drink, his condition continued to deteriorate. Further investigation is underway.

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