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Why Are Stars Disappearing From The Sky?

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Have you ever noticed that the number of stars visible to your naked eye in the sky has decreased significantly over the past decade? New research suggests that this is due to increasing light pollution around the world.

Light pollution is a phenomenon caused by the illumination of the night sky by artificial lights. The BBC reports that a team of amateur astronomers and citizen scientists have been studying the sky for the past 12 years to come to this conclusion.

LED Lighting Revolution Contributing to Light Pollution

A study by the European Space Agency last year found that the global LED lighting revolution has exacerbated the problem of light pollution. Lightning is cheap and plentiful, and it’s wasted. Decorative lights, billboards, streetlights, and lights on tall buildings brighten our skies and add to the lighting problem.

Light Pollution: Threat To Humans

Light pollution not only spoils the mesmerizing view of the moon and stars but also severely affects the sleep behavior of humans. Too much light has been linked to disrupted sleep patterns and poor health, not only in humans but also in animals. One study linked excess light to local insect declines.

Massive Wastage Of Energy

Experts say that the brightness of the sky and the brightness of the sky show how much energy is wasted every day without people and governments acknowledging this massive loss. Dr. Kyba says, “There’s a lot of room for improvement – if you light more carefully, you should be able to reduce skyglow, whilst still lighting the ground.” 

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