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WHO says world records over 500,000 deaths due to COVID since Omicron wave

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Since the discovery of the Omicron form, the World Health Organization has reported over 500,000 COVID-19 deaths, a statistic that is “beyond horrific”.

According to Abdi Mahamud, the global health organization’s incident manager, there have been around 130 million illnesses and 500,000 fatalities globally since Omicron was named a variation of concern in late November.

Despite the fact that the Omicron form causes less severe illness, it has soon superseded Delta as the world’s primary Covid form due to its increased transmissibility. “In this day and age of effective immunizations, half a million people dying is certainly something”, Mahmud said during a live conversation on WHO’s social media pages. While everyone was arguing that Omicron was milder, they were ignoring the reality that 500,000 people had died since this was found. It’s absolutely heart-breaking.

Meanwhile, Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead on COVID-19, described the sheer number of Omicron cases as “astounding”, and predicted that the real number of cases and fatalities will be substantially greater than those now known. “It almost makes the previous peaks look flat”, she said.

“This pandemic is still wreaking havoc on us”. “I’m hoping we’re getting closer to the conclusion”, she said. “Many nations have yet to achieve their Omicron peak”. Van Kerkhove voiced concern that the number of fatalities has been increasing for several weeks in a row. “This virus is still hazardous”, she stated.

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