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When Biden claimed Putin ‘cannot continue in power,’ he was ‘expressing my displeasure,’ not proposing a policy shift, according to Biden.

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Joe Biden: I was only expressing my displeasure. He should not be allowed to remain in power, just as evil individuals should not be allowed to continue to do awful things. The comment astounded American and international authorities, prompting the White House to clean up its act. When he made the comment, Biden clarified that he was not declaring a change in US policy. He told Kaitlan Collins that he was not advocating for a change of government.

“However, that does not imply that we have a core policy of doing anything to destabilize Putin in any manner.” He explained, “The last half of the speech was talking to Russian people.” “I was transmitting this to the whole globe, not just the Russian people.” This is simply expressing the obvious: this type of behavior is completely wrong.

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