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Whatsapp Fixes Critical Vulnerability Wants Users To Update The App Immediately 

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Once again, WhatsApp is making headlines, but not because it has added a new feature. The instant messaging service, which is owned by Meta, has disclosed information about a “critical” vulnerability that has been fixed in an updated version of the application. Users of WhatsApp who are still using an older version of the app must update it right away.

The vulnerability’s specifics were first made public in a September update to WhatsApp’s security advisories page. According to reports, the “critical” bug would have enabled attackers to send a specially crafted video call to a user, exploit an integer overflow code error, and run their own code on the user’s smartphone.

The well-known instant messaging service claimed to have fixed the flaw in the most recent WhatsApp update. Users must urgently update the app. Go to the app store and install the new update if your WhatsApp app hasn’t already been updated automatically. Before installing the update, make sure you are connected to a WiFi network.

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