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What will a wwwedding in the metaverse look like for a couple from TN?

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Big Tech CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella are calling ‘Metaverse’ the future of the internet. Speaking to TNM, Dinesh spills the details on their wedding, It is built using VR and Augmented Reality (AR). Picture this: a traditional wedding takes place in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district. Dinesh SP (24) and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy (23) from Tamil Nadu will, on February 6, host their wedding reception in the ‘metaverse’, making it the first of its kind in India. Dinesh is a Project Assistant in the IIT Research Lab, and a blockchain enthusiast in his free time.The bride and groom, dressed in veshti and saree, enter a temperature-controlled chamber, don their Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, and join their wedding celebration, which is held in a parallel virtual reality known as the’metaverse.’

So, what is it exactly? The metaverse is a virtual environment that exists even if you aren’t signed in, according to WIRED.
It’s made with virtual reality and augmented reality (AR). It will include our existing digital spectrum of usage, as well as our social media handles, mobile applications, and online video games, as well as a digital economy to run it. By converting items into NFTs, we will be able to create, purchase, and trade them just like in the actual world (non-fungible tokens). What can and cannot become a reality with the metaverse is yet unknown.
After the pandemic that inspired him, he came up with the concept of a metaverse wedding. “A Zoom wedding could have been done,” Dinesh says, “but the metaverse is far more interesting.” The TardiVerse Metaverse business worked with India’s first #metaverse marriage in Polygon blockchain.
“I’m looking forward to seeing her reaction,” Dinesh adds.

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