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What is the status of the war in Ukraine?

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          Here’s a short rundown of Russia’s offensives, based on the Institute for the Study of War’s most recent research. Every day, the US-based thinktank creates a frontline assessment using OSINT and press reporting.

Kyiv: While Russian forces launched isolated strikes on Irpin and Guta-Mezhyhirksa – locations just outside the capital – on Monday and Tuesday, they have not attempted any larger action against the city in the last 24 hours.

Mariupol: Russia maintains its attack on the southern city from the east and west.

Kharkiv: Russian soldiers are running out of ammunition as they try to encircle this north-eastern city.

Kherson area: Russia erroneously claimed possession of this region on Tuesday, but has made no advances into the vital cities of Zaporizhya or Mykolaiv.

Odesa: Russia is not yet prepared to begin a sea-based attack against the southern port city since it has not yet established soldiers on the land.

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