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“What Is The Relationship Between PM Modi And Adani,” Question Raised By Rahul Gandhi At Parliament 

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Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi raised some serious questions in Parliament. He accused PM Narendra Modi of the rise of businessman Gautam Adani. He showed a photograph that alleged the proximity of Adani and Modi. He also has some evidence of Adani’s following of Narendra Modi in recent times.

He stated that “inka paaraadhan mantrikee kya rishta he aur kese rishta he.” Again he stated that Adani’s issue was first a local issue, then a national issue, then an international issue.

He had some serious questions for Adani and PM Modi

  • How many times have you both gone together?
  • How many times Adani ji joined you later on a visit?
  • How often did Adani ji travel to other countries immediately after you take?

And so many questions against Adani and PM Modi. Rahul spoke about Adani’s sudden rise. One man took shoulder to shoulder with PM, and the result of that has grown. Since 2014 the businessman was 609th to the 2nd spot on the global rich list. He also stated how much money Adani has given to the BJP in the last 20 years. Speaker Birla asked Gandhi to focus on the parliament’s address, Gandhi replied, “There should be a case study on Adani by business schools, such as Harvard, on how the relationship between business and politics works. India is a case study. PM Narendra Modi should get a gold medal in this.”

After all the statements and Questions in parliament, Outside the Parliament, BJP leader Ravi Shanker Prasad shouted out at Gandhi, “Baseless, shameless and reckless” allegations against PM Modi.

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