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What Do You Know About Coinsbit?

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The Coinsbit exchange offers a wide range of options for exchanging cryptocurrencies in both crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat directions. The trading platform is available on the web and as an iOS and Android mobile application. For quick trading and exchange, which is a priority for beginners, there is also a terminal that has been simplified. The platform’s commissions for the taker/maker are less than the segment average at 0.2%. The volume of trades has little impact on transactions. You can utilize any cryptocurrency on the site, including popular ones, and define coins that have been tokenized. There are eight fiats that provide you the option to loan or accept funds in cryptocurrency.


Coinsbit is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that is run by the Estonian company EXRT Services OU. Its registered office is in Tallinn. The exchange is located in the Baltics’ cryptocurrency hub. It establishes in August 2018 and quickly rose to prominence as one of many places to trade cryptocurrencies.

If you browse its website, you’ll find a tonne of marketing copy, such as claims of “processing speed of up to 10,000 trades per second and 100,000 TCP connections,” round-the-clock customer service in a number of languages, or catchphrases like “next-generation cryptocurrency exchange.” Moreover, PR materials describe Coinsbit as “the first exchange in the history of cryptocurrencies, which has implemented a large integration with 200 000 POS-terminals.”

The team behind the exchange is difficult to find, to start with. Nikolay Udianskiy is refer to in some places as the CEO and co-founder. The only useful information on his LinkedIn profile as of the time of this writing is the “Investment Consultant, Bitcoin” position in Bangkok, Thailand, and the “IEO Marketing” job title. You can find further team members of Coinsbit on LinkedIn. The majority of them hold the title “Team Manager,” but other than their former employment with the Estonian exchange, they have no prior knowledge or involvement. Additionally, their modest network of connections (between 4 and 120) raises suspicions as operators of a “next-generation cryptocurrency exchange.”

The fact that little is known about the company behind Coinsbit or its founders is another worrying trend. A short search of Estonia’s public records indicates that the firm found on February 2nd, 2018, with an initial capitalization of €2,500. However, as of this writing, there is no other information available regarding Coinsbit’s owners. In addition, despite the exchange’s boasts that it provides 24/7 customer service in a variety of languages, the Coinsbit website is written in poor English.

COINSBIT INDIA Gets a Makeover as Cryptoforce, Strengthens Cryptocurrency Roots in Country

One of the first cryptocurrency exchange sites in India is called CryptoForce, formerly known as Coinsbit India. Cryptoforce is a platform create by Indian technology entrepreneurs to exclusively serve the expanding Indian cryptocurrency trading sector. Allowing people to trade in local currency in complete compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

In order to best satisfy the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market, independent cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit India has changed. Its name to CryptoForce and announced a strategic business overhaul. CryptoForce will separate from its global precursor Coinsbit IO and manage its business independently as a crucial component of this new strategy. Enabling the team to develop better, more hyper-targeted products for Indian cryptocurrency users.

There is an essential need for solutions that fulfill their needs because India has over 9 crore cryptocurrency owners, making it the largest crypto market in the world. CryptoForce will customize its solutions in this approach to make it simple to make deposits and withdrawals and, more crucially. To offer multilingual customer support around-the-clock. CryptoForce is committed to a top cryptocurrency exchange created by Indians for the globe by developing a solid technological foundation that complies with the rules established by the Indian government.

Trade With Coinsbit For These Benefits:

Eight crypto-fiat pairs, the ability to invest profitably in blockchain technology, and loans in cryptocurrency. An easy-to-use mobile trading application, streamlined and professional cryptocurrency trading, high levels of security (cold storage and WAF), high productivity (up to 10,000 trades per minute), and low. But fixed commissions for trading operations. A platform for launching cryptocurrency projects is a feature of this exchange.

The Top 2 Coinsbit Client Reviews

“I have been trading with Coinsbit since it establish three years ago. During that time, the platform has grown unrealistically. Let me give you my thoughts on the strengths right away: they have an excellent mobile application with many functions, it is easy to understand, and the interface is intuitive. There is trading with the most popular cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and fiat currencies. The commissions are adequate.

I trade Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic, and sometimes other cryptocurrencies. The web terminal and application are fast, with no freezes or bugs. Over the years, I have never had a situation where I had to contact technical support. Their referral program with three levels can become a nice bonus; you can potentially get great income without trading at all.

I don’t see any real downsides to the platform. There are even programs for investing in blockchain projects here, but I do only trading. I definitely recommend the exchange to both experienced professionals and beginners.” – By Mitchel Ratke, Crypto trader, Sidney.

“I came to Coinsbit two months ago, so my total experience in crypto trading is less than a year. On all counts, I am a beginner trader, although I already have some good experience. Based on my experience, I can honestly say that this is the best platform I have worked with!

First, the minimum deposit is only 0.00001 BTC. This is less than any exchange of which I know. Second, there are all the most popular cryptocurrencies, large trading volumes, and a lot of transactions. There is also a lot of defi-coins, and the list is constantly growing. Third, the commission is 0.2%; again, lower than most other platforms. At the same time, you can receive a cashback of up to 50% if you use the CNB coin.

Fourth, the security system is beyond all praise. I always pay maximum attention to this feature. Here, 95% of funds are store cold and only 5% hot. The exchange uses WAF (Web Application Firewall), which is one of the top security systems against hacker attacks and unauthorized access. Fifth, there is an exchange service and simplified trading without charts and indicators.

The listed advantages are already enough to start trading right now. For two months of active trading and investing, I did not see any disadvantages. I recommend this platform to crypto traders of all levels.” – By Omer Hills, novice trader, Liverpool.

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