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What Are The Top 5 Crypto Exchanges?

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Crypto Exchanges

Crypto Exchanges

What is cryptocurrency?

cryptocurrency is type of digital or virtual currency and uses cryptography to secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies have no central issuing or regulating authority, but immediately use a decentralized system to record transactions and issue new units. It is an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms. The use of cryptographic technologies means that cryptocurrencies act as both currency and a virtual accounting system. Cryptocurrencies are still relatively new, and the market for digital currencies is very volatile. 

How do Cryptocurrency works?

Cryptocurrency runs through a public ledger called the blockchain. The record of the transaction can be held through the currency holders. Users can buy coins from brokers and then store and spend them using cryptographic wallets. If you own cryptocurrency, you own nothing tangible. If you own a key it will allow you to move a record and also the unit of measure from one person to another person without the third party person.

How does Blockchain relate to crypto?

Blockchain is a digital ledger made up of expanding blocks of data. Cryptocurrencies are powered through blockchain networks. With blockchain’s distributed ledger, records are kept across multiple computers in the network. While new transactions can occur the ledger is updated as new.

What is Crypto Exchange

A crypto exchange is a platform where you can buy a cryptocurrency and sell cryptocurrency. It will always reflect the current market conditions of the cryptocurrencies they offer. There are many crypto exchanges in the market, and in order, to do that, we examine some of the crypto exchanges that are said to be the cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges
#1. Coinbase

Coinbase was the cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in the year of 2012, where the place to send and receive Bitcoin. It is the best crypto exchange for beginners who entered the trading platform. The company has more than 5000 employees and has dozens of cryptocurrencies that are particularly very unique. It is a decentralized company that has no main headquarters. The coinbase trading platforms offer more than 100 cryptocurrencies in their wallet services. And their regular work is to add new coins to their already existing list of cryptocurrencies. 

The company has two trading platforms called Coinbase and Coinbase pro. Apart from that Coinbase is considered to be the best beginner trading platform. The trading platform is available on both the Andriod and iOS devices. Coinbase Pro is well designed for professional users, but anyone who opened an account in the coinbase can use the Coinbase Pro platform to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies. As compared to the Coinbase exchange Coinbase pro provides more trading types particularly limit and stop orders that were not found in the Coinbase platforms.

Pros of Coinbase

It has a simple interface for beginners.

The list of currencies is more than 150.

The exchange has strong security measures.

The exchange allows minimum funds for the account.

Cons of Coinbase

As compared to some exchange platforms Coinbase has a high fees system.

There is no central control for your own private keys.

#2. Binance.US

Binance is said to be the largest cryptocurrency trading platform founded in the year of 2017, in the world. This exchange particularly offers a strong and determined selection of trading methods and features. These methods can be accessed through desktop or as well as mobile dashboards. Users can experience several options like the future and the other order types. But there is a point that only over 70 currencies can be accessible to U.S. customers. It offers hundreds of cryptocurrencies to global users. 

The fees are comparatively very low in the industry. Whether the US-based users provide slightly high fees but as compared to the other leading exchanges it is low. They implement the maker/taker fee structure. In general, a lower fee can be provided for the higher volume trades. 

Pros of Binance

There are more than 360 currencies for U.S. customers.

This exchange provides low fees as compared to the other exchanges.

They have a vast range of trading options and also order types.

Cons of Binance

The version of the U.S is very limited.

Binance faced trouble in other countries so most of the crypto exchanges moves to other platforms.

Although they have many trading options it is very complex to identify and quite confusing too.

Crypto Exchanges
Crypto Exchanges

#3. is considered to be the predominant cryptocurrency exchange, founded in the year of 2016. It has a wide range of cryptos and products that is related to the cryptos. It is a decentralized exchange. Anyone can create a new account and log in while they are having an extensive list of currencies and relatively very low fees. is a good choice for investors who are looking for buying and stacking coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It currently supports over 250 cryptocurrencies with advanced order options. is best for security options. It is the most trusted platform for beginners to advanced levels of users. is available for both the Andriod and iOS options.

Pros of

It has more than 250 cryptocurrencies with spot, future, and advanced order types.

It provides competitive fees with various types of discounts, the trading fees are up to 0.40% and discounts are available. has strong security features for users.

Cons of

The customer support is very slow as compared to the other crypto exchanges in the market.

It is very confusing for the traders with the trading fee, they are very complex to navigate.

#4. Bitcoiva

Bitcoiva started its journey in the year 2020, and it was considered to be the youngest cryptocurrency exchange. During this small period of time, they have grown up only because of their favorable trading terms. The high-speed terminal attracted traders from othe[r countries. They have a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs, investors can make use of the crypto to crypto pairs, fiat to crypto pairs, and also crypto to fiat pairs.

The major advantage of this platform is they provide mobile applications for Android and iOS browser. These platforms consistently increasing their trading volumes day by day. And they are having the limit, future, and stop order options for the traders. The stacking option will be more useful for investors who are planning to buy and hold cryptocurrencies.

Pros of Bitcoiva

They provide all the popular cryptocurrencies for the purpose of trading.

There are no trading strategies or limits for the users.

Bitcoiva offers various referral programs with bonus options.

The user’s fund is highly protectable.

The interface is considered to be user-friendly.

They have a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options.

Cons of Bitcoiva

There is no demo account for the trading purpose but the interface is more user-friendly and in the future, they are going to enable the demo account feature for the welfare of the investors.

#5. BlockFi

BlockFi is considered to be one of the best crypto exchanges where you can buy digital currencies. It also offers loan offers like crypto credit cards and crypto-backed loans. One of the best features is its Interest-bearing accounts, but unfortunately, it is not available for U.S based investors. It is a more user-friendly website. They provide a high-interest rate while you make a deposit to trade on their platforms. The account opening is as same as the bank account. Although their exchange rate is good they have to improve their list of cryptocurrencies.

Pros of BlockFi

The most user-friendly trading platform.

They provide rewards through their credit cards.

The crypto-backed loans are considered to be one of the best strategies.

It is US based and regulated firm.

Cons of BlockFi

The withdrawal fees are comparatively high.

There are limited selections of cryptocurrencies.

They are not providing withdrawal for some cryptocurrencies.

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