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We’re Heading For A Rainbow Future, But There’s A Catch

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We could actually perish due to climate change. Rising sea levels and more intense storms are already posing problems. However, a recent study has found that when we’d ordinarily be busy digging our graves, we might really have a pleasant diversion. There will be more rainbows as a result of climate change! According to the experts, there will be a global 5% rise in the frequency of rainbows. This study examined the effects of climate change that are less evident.

The researchers used a computer model, crowdsourced pictures, and data from the entire world’s climate for the study. The researchers discovered that 66 to 79% of the world’s regions will experience more rainbow sightings. Rainbows were discovered to occur more frequently in higher-elevation areas than in lower-elevation ones. But given that climate change will otherwise be disastrous, this is hardly going to make us happy. It’s best to stay away.

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