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Vladimir Putin has placed his nuclear forces on high alert, and the United Nations has called an emergency meeting

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            After battle in Kharkiv, a Ukrainian soldier inspects a damaged military vehicle.

According to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, 352 Ukrainian citizens, including 14 children, were murdered during Russia’s assault.

A further 1,684 individuals, including 116 children, have been injured, according to the report. The statement sent by the government on Sunday did not include any information on casualties among Ukraine’s military forces. Meanwhile, Russia claims that its soldiers are solely targeting Ukrainian military infrastructure and that the civilian population of Ukraine is not in danger. Russia has not given any information on soldier casualties. On Sunday, the Russian Defence Ministry simply announced that Russian servicemen had been killed and injured, without providing any figures.

As the Ukraine-Russia conflict rages on, the United Nations Security Council has moved to call an extraordinary session of the 193-member General Assembly on Monday to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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