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Viral Image Of A Person’s Hand Without Nails Shocks The Internet: Anonychia

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Since a Reddit user brought it to their attention, an image showing a rare medical condition has become popular online. #Anonychia congenital is an uncommon medical illness, and the photograph going viral is of a person’s hand.

The image shows the peculiar appearance of a hand without fingernails. The illness can affect a person’s fingernails and toenails. In fact, it prevents people from ever-growing fingernails or toenails and leads people to be born without them.

Anonychia, or the lack of nails, is an extremely uncommon congenital condition, according to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the United States National Library of Medicine. It could show up alone or as a part of a condition. There have been reports of both partial and whole nonsyndromic anonychia. Simple anonychia, which is extremely unusual, is the absence of nails from birth without any other serious congenital anomalies present.

“It is caused by a frameshift and nonconservative missense mutation in the exon 2 of the R-spondin 4 gene present on chromosome 20p13, which affects the highly conserved first furin-like cysteine-rich domain that plays a crucial role in nail morphogenesis, resulting in the absence of nails,” the NCBI said.

For this medical issue, there is now no recognized or efficient treatment. There isn’t much research on the topic, therefore artificial nails seem to be the main alternative for treatment.

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