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Video of US Cops Dancing for “Naatu Naatu” Goes Viral

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Naatu Naatu Goes Viral

Naatu Naatu Goes Viral

A video of two US cops dancing to Naatu Naatu was posted on Twitter. Telugu film RRR’s song Naatu Naatu songs hit history after it became the first Indian film song to win an Oscar. The win at the Academy Awards has created a viral on social media, with many sharing their reaction. A video shared a few days ago has captured people’s attention.

Twitter user Nenavath Jagan posted the video on Twitter. “#California cops are enjoying the #NaatuNaatu song. Naatu Naatu is everywhere,” they shared the video a few days ago, on March 11. While replying to their own post, they also added a correction. “Note: it was in Texas,” they tweeted.

The video opens to show some people celebrating Holi. In the video, two American police officers perform the song’s hook step while dancing with a man covered in colors. At the end of the video, loud cheers are heard from the audience as the police perform a special dance.

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