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US Revives Call For Citizens To Leave Russia Amid Mobilization

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The US has reaffirmed its demand for US citizens to leave Russia “immediately” after Moscow declared a partial mobilization to conscript soldiers to fight in Ukraine. The US embassy in Moscow issued a security notice late Tuesday, advising Americans to make their own plans to leave the country “as soon as feasible.”  “Russia may refuse to recognize dual nationals’ US citizenship, restrict their access to US consular assistance, prevent them from leaving Russia, and conscript dual nationals for military duty,” according to the advisory.

In March, the US Department of State advised US citizens to leave Russia due to rising tensions between Washington and Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine.

According to the most recent US travel advice for Russia, US residents should leave the country owing to “arbitrary enforcement of local law,” as well as the US embassy’s limited ability to help Americans in the nation, probable harassment, and “terrorism.”

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