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US president Joe Biden warns Americans in Ukraine should leave

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            In the midst of tensions between Moscow and Kiev, Joe Biden urged Americans in Ukraine to leave the country immediately. The US State Department has issued a new warning, urging Americans in the region to escape as quickly as possible. “There is no such thing as a world war unless Americans and Russians start shooting at each other”, Biden claims.

On January 23, the State Department permitted the departure of US ambassador’s families and direct-hire employees. Because of the uncertainty of the security situation, the State Department likewise encouraged US citizens in Ukraine to evacuate immediately.

Meanwhile, according to Polish media, the first wave of American soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division arrived in Poland on February 5, after Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby’s announcement that the US will send 1,700 additional troops to the country.

Earlier, Kirby indicated that when tensions with Russia escalate, the US will temporarily deploy additional military forces to Europe. The deployment would send 1,700 soldiers to Poland, 1,000 US troops presently stationed in Germany to Romania, and another 8,500 troops would “be ready to move if the NATO response force is requested”, according to Kirby.

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