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US Paralympic Swimming Champion Allegedly Sexually Abused Teammate

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The #25-year-old US #Paralympic swimming champion #Robert Griswold is charged with #sexually abusing a younger teammate who has intellectual and developmental impairments last summer in Tokyo after grooming him over the course of the previous year.

The cerebral palsy sufferer Griswold is charged in a lawsuit of carrying on the torture at the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs after the Games. Parker Egbert, 19, and Griswold became friends at the US Paralympic Trials in June of last year, and by the time they travelled to the Tokyo Games, where they shared a room and spent prolonged unsupervised time together, the swimmer had become the teen’s “de facto chaperone,” according to the lawsuit, to which Griswold has not publicly responded.

According to the lawsuit, which accuses Griswold of pressuring to invite Egbert to live and train at the Colorado Springs center, where they were once more paired up as roommates, Egbert, who is autistic, has the mental capacity of a 5-year-old. Griswold, who won two gold medals and set a world record in Tokyo, had previously been accused of misconduct and was even momentarily suspended in 2020, according to the lawsuit, and officials should have shielded Egbert from him.

The lawsuit also asserts that when Egbert first reported the alleged abuse, officials did not investigate it and ignored his attempts to contact his parents. It is claimed that there was at least one witness to the incident, and Griswold is accused of harassing Egbert to keep him from telling anyone about it. In reaction to the lawsuit filing, a representative states, “We’ve made the decision to place two staff employees on administrative leave and have also stopped the work of many contractors with US Paralympics Swimming.” According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, an open and active investigation is being conducted into Griswold, but no other information is given.

Griswold was reportedly temporarily suspended by SafeSport in August due to unspecified allegations of misbehaviour. Egbert’s complaint states that a young guy who surmounted all odds to become a world-class Paralympic swimmer had his life absolutely ruined by rape and abuse when he was matched with a team member who was a violent sexual predator. Egbert is alleged to still be scared of Griswold.

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