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US, India Enter Deal That Aims To Counter China On AI And Military

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India And US

India And US

The White House and India are entering into a partnership on Tuesday that President Joe Biden hopes will help the two countries compete against China in military equipment, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence (AI). As part of the deal, Washington wants to use more western mobile phone networks in the subcontinent to counter China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. 

The US wants to welcome Indian computer chip experts to the US and encourage companies from both countries to collaborate on military equipment such as artillery systems. 

However, the White House is in a tight spot on several fronts, including military technology transfer and US visa restrictions for migrant workers. Besides, India’s long reliance on Moscow for military hardware is another thing to note now.

“The larger challenge posed by China – its economic practices, its aggressive military moves, its efforts to dominate the industries of the future and to control the supply chains of the future have had a profound impact on the thinking in Delhi,” Sullivan said.

“This is another big foundational piece of an overall strategy to put the entire democratic world in the Indo-Pacific in a position of strength … it’s a strategic bet by the two leaders… on the idea that creating a deeper ecosystem between the United States and India will serve our strategic, economic and technological interests.”

The new initiative includes joint ventures in space and high-performance quantum computing.

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