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US: FDA Proposes Once-A-Year Covid Shots As Part Of A Major Shift In A Nation’s Vaccine Strategy

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The US health authority recommended on Monday (January 23) that healthy adults receive one dose of the most recent updated COVID-19 shot every year, similar to flu vaccinations.

The US Food and Drug Administration also suggested that its panel of external experts explore administering two doses of the Covid vaccine yearly to chosen young children, older adults, and those with weakened immune systems. In briefing documents sent before to a meeting of its panel on Thursday, the regulator advocated the necessity of routine selection of variations for upgrading the vaccine, equivalent to how pressures for flu vaccinations are modified yearly (January 26).

“We need to do something different, because right now it’s confusing. The messaging has been very, very mixed and confused about how important the vaccine is,” said Dr. Bruce Farber, a contagious disease physician and chief of public fitness and epidemiology at Northwell Health. “One consistent unified message with a standard schedule I think would make a lot of sense,” she added.

The FDA thinks yearly immunization schedules would assist in making vaccine deployment less difficult and result in fewer vaccine delivery errors and higher vaccination range rates. After announcing its plan to revise last month, the agency’s recommendation was in line with anticipations.

Also, the Biden administration has conducted a booster vaccination program each fall.

Now, most people in the United States must acquire the initial Covid vaccination in two doses, at least three to four weeks apart from one another, and then a booster dose a few months later.

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