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US Embassy in Ukraine advises Americans in Ukraine to seek refuge as soon as possible

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            The US embassy in Ukraine has cautioned US citizens that “situation may escalate without warning” and encouraged them to seek cover as soon as possible.

“The security situation in Ukraine is very fragile, and things might become worse at any time. Citizens in the United States should be attentive and be aware of the location of their nearest shelter or protected area”, In a tweet, the embassy stated.

According to CNN, explosions have been heard in portions of Kiev as Russian soldiers approach the capital.

Eyewitness videos show explosions in Ukraine’s capital city, while some media reports claim Ukraine and Russia are considering a meeting location and timing.

As Russian soldiers got closer to Kiev, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry issued a call to citizens to “build Molotov cocktails”. Even one of the media networks provided cocktail-making directions while pushing locals to reject Russia’s military assault.

In the midst of the expanding military action, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has sworn to protect his country while standing on the national capital’s main thoroughfare.

“We’ve all arrived. Our armed forces have arrived. Citizens and society have arrived. We are all here to protect our independence, our state, and to ensure that it remains so. All hail our defenders! All hail our female defenders! Ukraine deserves to be praised”, Zelensky stated in a Facebook video.

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