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US: California Woman Conceived Twice In A Week

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A California woman gave birth to two baby girls in five days. After an unfortunate miscarriage, Odalis and Antonio Martinez of San Pablo, California, were delighted to find out they were expecting a baby girl in November 2020. However, to add to their joy, the 25-year-old’s initial scan revealed that they were not expecting a girl, but two in the same week and five days apart. 

According to the Daily Mail, the unusual phenomenon is called “superfetation” and occurs during the first pregnancy, followed by the subsequent pregnancy. A superfetation can occur days or weeks after the first pregnancy, leading to another pregnancy.


Two pregnancies co-occurring is called superfetation. The second ovum (egg) is fertilized by sperm a few days or weeks after the first ovum (egg) implants in the uterus. According to Healthline, babies born by superfetation are often considered twins because they can be delivered on the same day and during the same labor. 

The mother, who spoke to The Daily Mail UK, said, “They’re technically not even identical, but everyone thinks that they are. They definitely look a lot alike. Sometimes me and my husband, well more my husband, get them mixed up with each other.”

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