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US And Canadian Warships Navigated Taiwan Strait For Second Time In Three Weeks

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Just a few days after President Joe Biden declared that the US would help Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, the US and Canadian warships made a routine passage through the Taiwan Strait. The USS Higgins, an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, and HMCS Vancouver, a Royal Canadian Navy Halifax-class frigate, were the two ships that conducted the passage through the Strait, according to a statement from US Navy spokesman Lt. Mark Langford on Tuesday. A US warship has now been through the area twice in the last three weeks or so.

Currently stationed nearby is the US Navy, and several vessels have navigated the strait in recent years. According to Daniel Le Bouthillier, head of media relations for the Ministry of Defence, this was one of the few times a Canadian ship also performed the voyage.

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