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US After Putin Suspends Grain Deal: “Russia Doesn’t Care If World Goes Hungry.”

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World Goes Hungry

World Goes Hungry

After withdrawing out of a #UN-mediated agreement with #Ukraine to export grain, the United States accused #Russia on Tuesday of deciding to “let the developing world perish.” Grain exports will stop as of Wednesday, according to the group in charge of the July agreement, which was also negotiated by Turkey. This comes after Russia announced its withdrawal over the weekend.

Ned Price, a spokesperson for the State Department, said that any move by the Kremlin to sabotage this attempt is effectively a declaration by Moscow that it doesn’t care.

“Moscow is unconcerned about international hunger. Moscow is not concerned whether people go hungry. If the global food insecurity situation worsens, Moscow doesn’t care” He informed the press.

According to Price, the US supports Antonio Guterres’ efforts to resurrect the agreement and will take any action “he considers useful for us” to do. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has pressed Kiev for security guarantees after accusing Kyiv of using the grain corridor to target Russian ships in Crimea. Putin invaded Ukraine in February.

Price had before charged that the demand was “extortion” on the part of Russia. Price responded, “The initiative was functioning,” when asked on Tuesday if the United States would support revisions to the agreement.

He cited UN data showing that about 10 million metric tons have been shipped, which has helped down food prices worldwide, which had risen sharply following the invasion of Ukraine, the world’s breadbasket. Every single ounce of food, according to Price, helps feed the world’s needy.

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