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Updates on the Russia-Ukraine war: Russian planes have been accused of breaking a Canadian airspace prohibition

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            A Russian Aeroflot plane is suspected of breaking Canada’s airspace prohibition. The flight took off from Moscow and arrived in Miami, Florida, USA. The embargo was imposed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The airline used an A350 throughout the journey, and the flight path reveals that the plane entered Canadian airspace from the east and then travelled to the United States.

“(1/2) We are aware that Aeroflot flight 111 breached the restriction imposed earlier today on Russian planes utilising Canadian airspace”, stated the Canadian transport department.

(2/2) We are conducting an investigation into the actions of Aeroflot and the independent aviation navigation service provider, NAVCAN, that led to this infraction. We will not hesitate to take necessary disciplinary action and other preventative actions to avoid future offences.

Another Aeroflot plane its route to the United States returned to Moscow midway because Canadian airspace was banned to Russian jets.

Russia has also prohibited most European airlines from accessing its airspace. As a result of the limited airspace, Finnair, which uses Russian airspace to fly to the far east, has cancelled a few east trips.

P.S. Delta AirLines in the United States has also terminated its code-sharing agreement with Russian state airline Aeroflot.

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