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United States no longer controls hypersonic technology; India, China, and Russia are currently ahead

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            According to an important American Senator in Washington, the United States no longer dominates numerous sophisticated technologies, with India, Russia, and China having advantages in hypersonic technology.

“We are living in an era of technological advancement. We used to be the technological powerhouse. That is no longer true. Clearly, China, India, and Russia have advantages in hypersonic technology”, During a nomination hearing on Wednesday, Senator Jack Reed, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, stated.

Senator Reed (R-WA): For the first time in history, we are going to engage in a trilateral nuclear competition. It is no longer bilateral. Dr LaPlante: “China, our greatest menace; a more authoritarian Russia; malicious actors; and other existential threats pose major concerns to the global order and threaten our way of life”.

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