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United States has warned Russia that it may use biological weapons in Ukraine

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            The US dismissed Russian assertions that it supports a bioweapons programme in Ukraine on Wednesday, saying the charges were a hint that Moscow would soon deploy the weapons itself.

“The Kremlin is peddling brazen falsehoods that the US and Ukraine are undertaking chemical and biological weapons activities in Ukraine”, said State Department spokesman Ned Price in a statement.

“Russia is developing bogus pretexts to excuse its own heinous acts in Ukraine”.

The assertions, said to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, are “preposterous”, and “we’ve also heard Chinese officials regurgitate similar conspiracy theories”.

“Now that Russia has made these fraudulent allegations”, she stated on Twitter, “we should all be on the watch for Russia to perhaps deploy chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, or to stage a false flag operation using them”. The US is collaborating with Ukraine to prevent Russian military from capturing biological research material.

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