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‘Uncharted’ Review: Tom Holland’s game adaption is light and breezy, but it lacks punch

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            ‘Uncharted’ is elegant and breezy, with lots of action and moments when Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg play themselves. It’s understandable given that their characters are part of the genesis tale of a game adaption.

The visual effects are commendable, the bang-for-buck ratio is excellent, and the narrative, while thin, is entertaining to watch. It’s a little unrealistic to expect the picture to be on par with cult classics such as ‘Indiana Jones’ or Nicholas Cage’s ‘National Treasure’.

Holland is a young man on a path to success. He’s no longer the friendly web-slinging superhero, at least not until there’s news of another ‘Spider-Man’ film in the works. Meanwhile, he’s perfecting his parts by putting himself through the wringer to suit the bill of the persona he’s portraying. Nathan Drake is shown easily giving out muscle-ups and flashing his abs and parkour talents in ‘Uncharted’. He’s also learned how to be a deft dodger, and he’s determined to discover Magellan’s treasure, which no one knows about today.

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