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Unborn Child’s Lungs And Brains Are Affected By Toxic Air Particles

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toxic air

toxic air

Unborn children’s lungs, brains, and livers have been found to contain toxic air particles, according to a recent “#groundbreaking” discovery. The study was written up in the Lancet Planetary Health journal. Mothers who did not smoke participated in the study, which was carried out in #Scotland and #Belgium in areas with low air pollution. In total, 36 fetuses with pregnancies ranging from seven to twenty weeks were examined in Scotland as part of the study. Based on scientific evidence of how the harm is produced. Thousands of black carbon particles were discovered in cubic millimeters of tissue, which were inhaled by pregnant women and then transferred to the fetus through the bloodstream.

It is already known that air pollution may contribute to an increase in miscarriages, preterm births, and low birth weights in children. Tiny soot particles from the combustion of fossil fuels in buildings, automobiles, and even factories make up the particles. According to a professor from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, this study demonstrates how black carbon nanoparticles enter not only the placenta during the first and second trimesters but also the developing organs of the fetus. 

The professor advised people to stay away from congested roads and that governments are in charge of reducing air pollution. In 2019, a thorough international review revealed that air pollution may harm all of the body’s cells and organs. Millions of people die each year as a result of air pollution, which affects over 90% of the world’s population.

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