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Unbelievable Price Rise In Pakistan’s Milk And Chicken In the Last 48 Years 

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Price Rise In Pakistan

Price Rise In Pakistan

Pakistan’s poor economic condition comes after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) fought more time to complete a $1.1 billion loan debt burden that has hit its retail business hard. People in northwest India in south Asia, Across Pakistanis country, struggle to put essential food items like milk and chicken on the table – an everyday staple in the Pakistani diet. 

As per the report, the price of loose milk has increased from PKR 190 to 210 per liter, as stated in Dawan. The chicken prices are 30-40 per kg, following the new cost of 480-500 per kilogram. The report, it that the price of boneless meat has hit a peak of Pakistani rupees 1000-1,100. The chicken meat was sold at PKR 620-650 per kg before and has now risen to PKR 700-780 per kg.

The representatives of the Pakistani milk industry told the media that many shopkeepers are selling milk at an inflated price- there is a common place where there will be malpractice in countries facing an economic crisis or looking for economic collapse.

Karachi Milk Retailers Association media coordinator Waheed Gaddi said by dawn, “Over 1,000 shopkeepers are selling milk at an inflated rate. These are shops of wholesalers/dairy farmers and not our members.”

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