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UN Secretary-General has stated that he is in communication with nations such as India and China in order to put an end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict

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            Underscoring how Ukraine is being “decimated before the eyes of the world”, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday that a global economic breakdown caused by conflict is causing a food crisis that is disproportionately affecting the poor.

Speaking to the media outside the Security Council room in New York, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated that the death and damage in Ukraine are increasing by the hour: “Whatever the end, this conflict will have no winners, just losers”.

According to the Secretary-General, the UN and humanitarian partners are working “to facilitate safe exit from besieged areas, and to give relief where security permits, allowing around 600,000 people to receive some kind of help since the bombing began”.

And, with Russia upping the alert level of his country’s nuclear capabilities, the UN Secretary-General called it a “bone-chilling development”. He cautions that the risk of nuclear war is once again a possibility. According to him, Russia and Ukraine produce more than half of the world’s sunflower oil and 30% of its wheat.

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