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UN investigator charges Israel of apartheid, noting the country’s continued occupation

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            The assertion has been strongly contested by Israel and its allies, who accuse the U.N. investigator of prejudice, and it is the first time that a U.N.-appointed investigator has accused Israel of apartheid in such a categorical manner.

Michael Lynk, a United Nations-appointed expert, accused Israel of practising apartheid. He joins an increasing number of foreign, Israeli, and Palestinian human-rights activists. They aim to reframe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a fight for equal rights rather than a territorial battle. The United Nations nominated Lynk, a Canadian law professor, to examine human rights violations in occupied territory.

Israel and its allies have long claimed that Lynk is anti-Israel, which he denies. “No report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be taken seriously if the security challenges and threats faced daily by all Israelis — including the 20% non-Jewish minority — are not taken into account; if the terrorist organisation Hamas, which rules Gaza with an iron fist, is not mentioned or condemned; if the role and legal obligations of the Palestinian Authority towards its own population are not addressed; and if the extreme complexity of the situation is not acknowledged”.

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