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Ukrainian footballer intends to shelter migrants at his house

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            Andriy Shevchenko, a former Ukrainian player, says he would take in refugee families at his Surrey house as part of his goal to help 150 Ukrainians in the UK.

The former Chelsea and AC Milan striker is also beginning a fundraising campaign with the World Food Program to achieve £1 million for his homeland.

He told BBC Breakfast that it was a “Devastating period” for him, his family, and everyone in Ukraine right now.

He claims he had several friends who wanted to assist supply housing, even in student apartments.

Shevchenko says he has communicated with the Ukrainian embassy in town and hopes to welcome a few of families at his house.

He adds that his own family would most likely remain in Ukraine, especially because his mother has a medical issue that makes it impossible for her to leave Kyiv.

“This is a scenario that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian families are in, and we must make a choice”, he argues.

He also expressed gratitude to individuals in the UK and throughout the world for their support for Ukraine.

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