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Ukraine War, North Korea Denies Exporting Weapons To Russia

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Ukraine War

Ukraine War

Seoul: On Wednesday, North Korea denied sending weapons to Russia, according to state media, weeks after the United States said that Moscow was looking to Pyongyang to replace its supplies after conquering Ukraine depleted them. In a statement quoted by the official Korean Central News Agency, a representative of the defense ministry’s General Bureau of Equipment stated, “We have never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia previously and we will not plan to transfer them” (KCNA).

The declaration follows the White House’s previous September claim that Russia was acquiring rockets and artillery from communist North Korea to help its conflict in Ukraine. According to John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, American acquisitions “may encompass literally millions of rounds, rockets, and artillery shells.” He emphasized at the time that the acquisitions had not yet been made and that there was no proof the weapons were being utilized in Ukraine, citing declassified US intelligence. Using the official abbreviation for North Korea, Pyongyang, a close ally of Moscow, lashed out at the United States in the statement, claiming that it and “other hostile forces” were “spreading a ‘rumor of arms deals’ between the DPRK and Russia.”

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