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Ukraine visa system to go virtual in UK

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          United Kingdom’s Ukraine visa system is to go virtual.

From Tuesday, Ukrainian nationals with a passport or ID card will be able to apply for a visa entirely virtually, without having to visit a visa application centre.

This has been agreed following advice from the security services.

Eligible Ukrainians will receive an email confirmation to allow them to board a plane, train or boat, then will receive a stamp in their passports on arrival in the UK, before giving their biometric details.

It means the visa application centres in Europe are now reserved for vulnerable or complex cases.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has informed MPs that a new simplified procedure for Ukrainians to come to the UK will be in place starting next Tuesday.
Refugees would not need to travel to a visa application centre since they will be able to apply online and provide biometric data when they arrive in the UK, she added.

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