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Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Ukraine claims to have shot down five Russian fighter planes and a cruise missile

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            Officials said early Tuesday that Ukraine has shot down five Russian fighter planes. This includes the u-30 and Su-35, according to reports. Officials from Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, released the following information on Facebook: “A cruise missile and an enemy helicopter were shot down near Kyiv by an anti-aircraft missile system Buk M-1”.

“Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft worked in units and pairs, launching many missile and bomb attacks against columns of armoured vehicles and enemy troops in the Kyiv and Zhytomyr areas”, the statement continued.

For the past three days, Russia has been bombarding the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Maxar Technology, an American satellite imaging business, provided the images. Russian forces have been bombarding the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, for the last three days. Russian soldiers not only crossed the Ukrainian border, but also attacked heavily inhabited regions. Meanwhile, some satellite images have emerged.

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